On Local Particles as Spatial Case Markers in Hittite

Mojca Cajnko

Local particles have received a great deal of attention in Hittitology. Their meaning and scope and changes in their use from Old to Late New Hittite have been described in detail. The complex interplay in the use of local particles, local adverbs, case endings and verbs has also been emphasised, and it has been noted that local particles are used for “Verdeutlichung einer autonomen Kasusfunktion.” One aspect that has yet to be described is the functional value of local particles. The aim of this paper is therefore to provide an overview of previous studies on the use of local particles and to embed these findings into a broader theoretical apparatus in order to determine the functional value of these particles. Case theory is thus applied to advance the claim that local particles in Hittite function as spatial case markers.

Mojca Cajnko received her PhD from the Ljubljana Graduate School of the Humanities.
Full Bibliographic Reference

Cajnko M. 2016, On Local Particles as Spatial Case Markers in Hittite, SMEA NS 2, 33-39

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