SMEA Nuova Serie 3, 2017

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SMEA Nuova Serie 3, 2017

Table of contents

Repair, Recycle or Modify? The Response to Damage and/or Obsolescence in Mycenaean Metal Vessels and Its Implications for Understanding Metal Recycling7-26
Stephanie Aulsebrook

Working Tools, Toilet Implements and Personal Adornments in Weapons Burials at Early Iron Age at Athens and Lefkandi27-52
Anna Maria D’Onofrio

The Mystery of the Mycenaean “Labyrinth”: The Value of Linear B pu₂ and Related Signs53-72
Anna P. Judson

A Fragmentary Libation Table with Inscription in Linear A from Petsopha, Palaikastro (Pk Za 27)73-82
Carl Knappett, Maurizio Del Freo, Julien Zurbach

A Lost Mycenaean Fresco Fragment Re-Examined83-104
Yannis Galanakis, Emily Catherine Egan

Out of Date, Out of Fashion: The Change of Dress of Aegean Figures in the Egyptian 18th Dynasty Theban Tombs in the light of Aegean Bronze Age Costume105-130
Uroš Matić, Filip Franković

LM III Mortuary Practices in West Crete: The Cemeteries of Maroulas and Armenoi near Rethymnon131-157
Eleni Papadopoulou

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