SMEA Nuova Serie 1, 2015

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SMEA Nuova Serie 1, 2015

Table of contents

Anatomy of a Speech: Rhetorical Strategies in the Hittite Instructions for Priests and Temple Personnel (CTH 264)9-17
Silvia Alaura

La couleur dans l’iconographie minoenne et mycénienne: formes artistiques et réalité visuelle19-41
Fritz Blakolmer

Materiality and Script: Constructing a Narrative on the Minoan Inscribed Axe from the Arkalochori Cave43-56
Georgia Flouda

Funerary Behaviour and Social Identities in LM III Crete: the Evidence from the Chamber Tombs at Ligortyno57-103
Anna Lucia D’Agata

The Royal and the Layman? Possible Onomastics on Late Bronze Age Clay Balls105-115
Silvia Ferrara

When Diversity Matters: Exploring Funerary Evidence in Middle Minoan III Crete117-136
Luca Girella

A Royal Gift? Bulk Grain Storage in Protopalatial and Neopalatial Crete137-170
Torben P. Kessler

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