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SMEA NS Supplemento 1, 2018

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Paths into Script Formation in the Ancient Mediterranean

edited by Silvia Ferrara and Miguel Valério

Anna Lucia D’Agata

Silvia Ferrara, Miguel Valério

Image-Bound Scripts at the Inception of Writing
1. The Origins of Bronze Age Aegean Writing: Linear A, Cretan Hieroglyphic and a New Proposed Pathway of Script Formation
Roeland P.-J.E. Decorte

2. Hieroglyphic Writing on Old Hittite Seals and Sealings? Towards a Material Basis for Further Research
Mark Weeden

Adaptations: Between Pictorialism and Schematism
3. The Byblos Script
Juan Pablo Vita, José Ángel Zamora

4. Cypro-Minoan: An Aegean-derived Syllabary on Cyprus (and Elsewhere)
Miguel Valério

5. The Southwestern Palaeo-Hispanic Script: State of Knowledge, Hypotheses and Controversies
Javier de Hoz

6. Local Adaptations of the Alphabet among the Non-Greek Peoples of Anatolia
Ignasi-Xavier Adiego

7. The Meroitic Writing System: Change and Variation
Alex de Voogt

Patterns and Diversity: A World of Possibilities
8. Aztec Hieroglyphic Writing: A Comparative Perspective
Gordon Whittaker

9. The Invention, Transmission and Evolution of Writing: Insights from the New Scripts of West Africa
Piers Kelly

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