SMEA Nuova Serie 4, 2018

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SMEA Nuova Serie 4, 2018

Table of contents

Inaugurating the Court-Centred Building? A MM IIIB Feasting Deposit at Neopalatial Sissi, North-Central Crete7-40
Ilaria Caloi

How Difficult? Mountain Roads and Pathways Reaching Ancient Melid (Malatya) in South-Eastern Anatolia: A Reconsideration41-62
Francesco Di Filippo, Lucia Mori

Holocene Fault Scarps at Mycenae (Greece) and Possible Cultural Ties63-74
Eric R. Force, Jeremy B. Rutter

Nominative Case and Brachylogic Syntax in Mycenaean Texts75-94
José Miguel Jiménez Delgado

The ‘Administered’ System of Trans-Mediterranean Maritime Relations at the End of the 2nd Millennium BC: Apogee and Collapse95-110
Massimiliano Marazzi

Syllabogram *65 or Logogram *129 (= FAR)? The Sign AB 65/129 on Thebes Tablets, AB 65 in Linear A, and Some Remarks on the O-Stem Genitive Singular in -Xo111-130
Rachele Pierini

The Dossier sa-ra-pe-da of Pylos Revisited131-142
Juan Piquero Rodríguez

Linguistic Awareness in the Development of the Anatolian Hieroglyphic Sign Values143-160
Miguel Valério

Eating Molluscs at Stromboli (Aeolian Islands, Italy), 1700 BC161-190
Massimo Vidale, Sara T. Levi, Marco Bettelli, Andrea Di Renzoni, Matteo Bettuzzi, Valentina Cannavò, Franco Casali, Francesca Ferranti, Leandro Lopes, Maria Pia Morigi, Carmelo Triolo, Mario Triolo


The Kingdom of Ahhiyawa: A Hittite Perspective191-196
Trevor Bryce

Reaction to Bryce Article, by Eric Cline197-199

The Kingdom of Ahhiyawa: Facts, Factoids and Probabilities, by Jorrit M. Kelder200-207

An Aegean Archaeologist’s Response to “The Kingdom Of Ahhiyawa: A Hittite Perspective”, by Jeremy B. Rutter208-213

Response to “The Kingdom of Ahhiyawa: A Hittite Perspective”, by Robert Schon214-216

Hittite-Ahhiyawan Politics as Seen from the Tablets: A Reaction to Trevor Bryce’s Article from a Hittitological Perspective, by Mark Weeden217-227

Postscript, by Anna Lucia D’Agata228-230

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