Nominative Case and Brachylogic Syntax in Mycenaean Texts

José Miguel Jiménez Delgado

The objective of this paper is to evaluate some of the archaic endings that have been suggested for Mycenaean nominal declensions. The paper focuses on those endings that have left no clear trace in Alphabetic Greek, especially the genitive singular ending -os of the second declension and the genitive singular -ās of the first declension, but also the locative singular -ēu of the third declension. This work analyses the relevant examples according to the peculiarities of Mycenaean syntax. This allows us to consider them nominatives of rubric and to offer a more consistent image of Mycenaean nominal paradigms.

José Miguel Jiménez Delgado is Professor of Greek Philology at the Department of Greek Philology, University of Sevilla.
Full Bibliographic Reference

Jiménez Delgado J.M. 2018, Nominative Case and Brachylogic Syntax in Mycenaean Texts, SMEA NS 4, 75-94.

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Mycenaean Greek; nominative of rubric; haplography; scribal mistake; abbreviation; brachylogic syntax
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