Hybridity of Style: Iron Age Pottery from Sirkeli Höyük

Sabine Kuleimann, Hanna Mönninghoff

The recent series of excavations at Sirkeli Höyük has provided a well-stratified pottery sequence from domestic contexts of the Early and Middle Iron Ages. In terms of decoration, style and shape repertoire, the pottery shows many connections with neighboring as well as with more distant regions, including Anatolia, the Northern Levant, Upper Mesopotamia, the Aegean world and, in particular, Cyprus. This paper presents a pottery assemblage from excavation sector D at Sirkeli Höyük that reflects both the site’s many different contacts, and its local traditions. It shows that new inputs had a continuous influence on local pottery and led to a blend of various styles.

Sabina Kulemann-Ossen is a Research Associate at the Institute of Archaeological Sciences,  University of Bern.
Hannah Mönninghoff is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Institute of Archaeological Sciences,  University of Bern.


Full Bibliographic Reference

Kulemann-Ossen S., Mönninghoff H. 2019, Hybridity of Styles: Iron Age Pottery from Sirkeli Höyük, SMEA NS 5, 111-146.

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Sirkeli Höyük; Cilicia; Iron Age pottery; pottery sequence; regional and interregional links; merging of pottery styles