Une bague en or de Poros / Héracleion avec inscription en Linéaire A (PO Zf 2)

Nota Dimopoulou, Jean-Pierre Olivier†

This article is the first edition of a Linear A inscription engraved on a gold ring found in a tomb at Poros / Herakleion (Crete) in 2000. Based on the archaeological context the ring dates back to Middle Minoan III. As emerges from the epigraphic analysis an anthroponym is probably engraved on the bezel.

Nota Dimopoulou was Director of the Archaeological Museum of Herakleion.

Jean-Pierre Olivier  was one of the greatest scholars of Cretan and Aegean syllabic scripts.

Full Bibliographic Reference

Dimopoulou N., Olivier J.-P.†, Une bague en or de Poros / Héracleion avec inscription en Linéaire A (PO Zf 2), SMEA NS 8, 2022, 7-16.

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Linear A; inscription; gold ring; Poros; Crete; Bronze Age
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