Syllabogram *65 or Logogram *129 (= FAR)?  The Sign AB 65/129 on Thebes Tablets, AB 65 in Linear A, and Some Remarks on the O-Stem Genitive Singular in -Xo

Rachele Pierini

The possible double reading of the sign AB 65/129 both as a syllabogram (*65) and as a logogram (*129 = far) has sparked a wide-ranging debate around its meaning on the Thebes tablets from the Fq and Gp series. Initially, this sign was always read as far in both series. In the following interpretations, its meaning mostly appears to be *65 on the Fq tablets, but is difficult to determine on the documents termed Gp. For this reason, some interpretative details regarding entries from both series still diverge. This paper will make additional arguments to support the reading as *65 throughout the Fq series, whereas the other occurrences will be analysed individually and a choice will be made where there is sufficient information. To this end, data from Linear A on AB 65 will also be taken into account. Moreover, considerations will be proposed on epigraphic conventions and the possible reassignment of some tablets. Finally, given the ongoing debate on the morphological interpretation of Theban words ending with the sign AB 65/129, as genitive singulars or otherwise, some details on the ostem genitive singular in ‑Xo will be discussed, and an interpretation of these terms provided.

Rachele Pierini is Postdoctoral Fellow at Dipartimento di Filologia Classica e Italianistica, Università di Bologna.
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Pierini R. 2018, Syllabogram *65 or Logogram *129 (= FAR)?  The Sign AB 65/129 on Thebes Tablets, AB 65 in Linear A, and Some Remarks on the O-Stem Genitive Singular in -Xo, SMEA NS 4, 111-130.

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*65; *129 (= FAR); epigraphic criteria; Fq series; Gp series.
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