The Dossier sa-ra-pe-da of Pylos Revisited

Juan Piquero Rodríguez

The purpose of this article is twofold. First, I intend to review and evaluate some hypotheses regarding the identification and status of the payers who appear in PY Un 718, especially e-ke-ra2-wo. Second, I will try to justify the reconstruction [a-ki-ti-]to for PY Er 880.4 based on a comparison with other attestations of the term in the Na series from Pylos. In my opinion, this is the most accurate reconstruction, even though the lacunae make any proposal subject to an ongoing discussion.

Juan Piquero Rodríguez is Postdoctoral Associated Researcher at the Department of Greek Philology and Indo-European Linguistics, Complutense University of Madrid.
Full Bibliographic Reference

Piquero Rodríguez J. 2018, The Dossier sa-ra-pe-da of Pylos Revisited, SMEA NS 4, 131-142.

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